The Best Vocal Simple Warm-up

The Best Vocal Warm-up – Simple

The best simple beginning warm-up for any singer is the “hmmm”.

What is the correct formation for a “hmmm”?

The best position to assume for a good warm-up “hmmm” is the following. Open your mouth so that you can place your index finger between your top and bottom teeth.

Simple vocal warm-up

Open your mouth

Holding your jaw in that position close your lips together. Your lips should be relaxed. This is the best position for a warm-up “hmmm”.

To begin the warm-up exercise, drop your jaw to a position as if to say an “ah”. Then inhale slowly as if you were going to say “ah”. Now, assume the best position for doing a warm-up “hmmm”. In a controlled manner “hmmm” an extended soft “hmmm” without regard to pitch. Do this several times concentrating on the “tingly” feeling of the lips. If you do not feel the “tingly” feeling on the lips, think more relaxed in the lips, jaw, and throat.

After doing the initial exercise several times and getting a relaxed feeling, move on to these exercises.


Do the “hmmm” exercises on the notated exercises below. We shall begin slowly and gradually increase the tempo, but not too much. Spending ten or fifteen minutes each day will set a good foundation for singing freely and controlled.

Notation of first simple warm-up.

Easy Simple Warm-up

MP3 of First simple warm-up






Notation of Second simple warm-up.

Simple warm-up exercise

MP3 of Second simple warm-up.





Notation of Third simple warm-up.

Simple warm-up exercises for singing

MP3 for Third simple warm-up.



Final note

These are exercises that you can use for the rest of your life.  It is always good to warm-up before your singing.  Whether it is practicing your songs or performing your songs, always warm-up.  Tell me what you think about this best vocal simple warm-up technique.

May God bless you in your singing!

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