Song of the Month

From now on we shall just have one page for Song of the Month.

We shall list the month and have the song just below.

Our first Song of the Month under this new format will be for the month of July.  With July 4th right at the beginning, it is natural that the song will be patriotic.

Song of the month for September: Give Me a Vision


Song of the month for August:  Bless This House


Our song of the month for July is: “God Bless America”


Song of the month for June: “Hymn of the Last Supper”


Song of the month for May: “The Lord’s Prayer”


If you have a favorite song that you might like us to present as the song of the month, let us know.  If we can find it and record it, you may get to hear your favorite song. 

Leave a comment in the comment box below.