Sacred Classics

I’d Rather Have Jesus

      Id Rather Have Jesus - Thomas Harvey

The Lord Is My Shepherd – Tchaikovsky

      Tchaikovski - The Lord Is My Shepherd - Thomas Harvey

I Walked Today Where Jesus Walked

      I Walked Today Where Jesus Walked (ACC) - Thomas Harvey

God Bless America

      God Bless America - Thomas Harvey


Hymn of the Last Supper

      Hymn of the Last Supper(2) - Thomas Harvey


Bless This House

      Bless This House - Thomas Harvey


God My Father

      God My Father - Tom Harvey


Sweet Little Jesus Boy

      Sweet Little Jesus Boy - Tom Harvey


The Day Is Ended

      The Day Is Ended - Tom Harvey


The Publican (The Penitent)

      The Publican 1.1 - Tom Harvey


The Holy City

      The Holy City - Tom Harvey



Jonah and de Whale

      McGemsey - Jonah and the Whale - Tom Harvey



How Great Thou Art

      How Great Thou Art - Tom Harvey


Crossing The Bar

      Crossing the Bar - Thomas Harvey


God Is A Spirit

      God Is A Spirit2 - Thomas Harvey


Beside Still Waters

      Beside Still Waters - Thomas Harvey


By the Waters of Babylon

      By the Waters of Babylon1 - Thomas Harvey
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