Italian Art Songs


The following are Italian songs that have been sung for up to two centuries and more.  They have stood the test of time and are still used in every good singer’s repertoire.


Donzelle Fugette

      Donzelle_Fugitte_1_ - Tom Harvey


Lungi dal caro bene

      Lungi_Dal_Caro_1_ - Tom Harvey


Non Siate Ritrosi

      Non-Siate-retrosi - Tom Harvey


Se Vuol Balare

      Se-vuol-ballare - Tom Harvey


Tu Lo Sai

      Tu-Lo-Sai - Tom Harvey


Vittoria Mio Core

      Vittoria_-Mio-Core1.1 - Tom Harvey


Caro Mio Ben

      Caro Mio Ben - Thomas Harvey





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