How Singing Is Good for You

Human beings almost instinctively know how to sing. Babies in their mother’s womb react to singing. Being a singer I thought it would be interesting to see how singing is good for you and for me. When I talk about singing I am not necessarily talking about some of the audio which we hear over the airways and videos and concerts these days. More often than not that can be characterized as noise. Nothing more. Nothing less.

How to improve singing

Good breath control

Good for the singer

From the singer’s standpoint there are many ways that singing is good for him or her. From the idea of having and maintaining good posture it strengthens muscles and aligns the back and other vascular subsets. To sing well means to be able to control the intake and exhalation of the breath. All the factors involved in breathing and coordinating the singing apparatus works to sharpen the coordination of mind and muscle. The singer accomplishes the work of cleansing a lot of impurities and toxins through the deep breathing necessary to sing well.

In singing well-conceived music, whether sacred or classical or popular brings about a heightened engagement of the brain with the body. One of the outcomes of all this is a general raising of the IQ of the singer.

In developing the singing voice the singer grows in confidence which carries over into every aspect of his or her life. We should all be singers.

Great Singer

Great Tenor

Vocal production

Music produced by vocal phonation is unique to the human being. Many animals make sounds which we sometimes describe as singing. My son often comments on our morning walks how the birds are singing. To the bird, it is an instinctive phonation, not a planned phonation. The human being can change pitch and vowel and progress through a planned program. The bird is not able to do that. To be able to control one’s voice and move to different pitches in such a way as to create a melody is something only found in humans.

The human being is created in such a way that all the structure and muscles and mechanisms are put together so that the instrument of the human voice can produce singing. No other creation has that ability.

Singing together

Singing together


Quite often we only think of singing as a solo thing. But there are more people who sing in a group or in a choir. There are advantages for both types. When singing solo one can express his or her own singular emotions through the singing. There are times in singing that one can open the emotions that can not be expressed any other way. When one has practiced and learned a song until it is second nature and it has become a part of him or her then the expressiveness of the marriage of words and music intoned through the human voice brings a whole new meaning to the song. It becomes more than words and pitches and chords, it becomes real music.

Music in a real sense is spiritual. This can truly become evident in the presentation of some of the great choral works. Many voices join together to present a work that is made up of many parts but when presented is one. I have often thought of the Biblical passage which Paul the apostle describes the body of Christ in the world as being made up of many members, yet they are one body. Many times have I experienced this in singing in a choir. Each singer having his or her part but working together to make it become as one. There are very few if any other activities that can bring about such unity of spirit.

Singing is good for you

Placido Domingo


Singers must learn many songs. They must learn to control their voice to sing on the right pitches and sustain those pitches the right length. In the development of these techniques, the singer learns to be expressive. This expressiveness carries over into every other area where the voice is involved.

When addressing crowds without a loudspeaker the person who knows how to sing will know how to project the sound of his or her voice. The singer knows how to utilize the voice without abusing the voice. And in so doing can speak for longer periods of time. Because of the expressiveness learned in singing, he is more eloquent in his speech.

The singer through sustained sounding in singing has built the muscles up which control speaking as well. The pleasantness of the voice is enhanced by singing. One can listen to a pleasant voice much longer than to a “twangy” or puny voice.

Forever singing

Singing around the Throne

The best of all

I have saved the best reason for singing for the last. Did you know that singing is one thing that will go on for eternity? If you do not believe in the God of the Holy Bible you may disagree with me. But you have that right and I respect your right to disagree. But, The Bible has been tested and tried over the past 2000 years and has not been shown to be wrong in anything that is recorded in it.

Being a student of the Bible I read that when those who are going to heaven get there that there is going to be continual praise and worship going on. That means nonstop. There are going to be a lot of people who will not have a job. There will be no need for medical doctors because there will be no sickness or death. There will be no need of construction planners or workers because Jesus has already prepared a place for us. I do not know if we shall need farmers there because if God cares for the sparrows here and now, surely in heaven He will provide amply for us. Forget about bankers and money. There will be no need for them. Our Heavenly Father will supply all our needs out of His riches in glory by Christ Jesus.

But singing praises will never cease. If you want to have a great job in heaven begin right now to sing. In singing, you are preparing yourself for an eternal joyful job. I am so thankful that I have begun my preparation and am enjoying a little bit of heaven right now!

May God bless you and may you sing all the way to heaven.



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