Home Recording Studio Setup

You have invested in your music training and have made good progress.  Now you want to hear what you sound like to others. Rather than paying for a high priced recording session, you consider setting up your own studio.  What will you need and what will it cost you for a home recording studio setup? That is what we shall look at in this blog.


We shall assume that you have a location in your home that can be set aside for a small studio.  It does not have to be a large area. However, it should have enough room for a small desk or table and a chair.  Along with that, there should be access to electrical outlets. It should have adequate light and air condition

With the above conditions met, we now address the equipment.


 What home recording studio equipment will you need?

Let’s begin with the things you may already have.  


Home Recording Studio setup

This is the heart of the recording studio.  You will need a computer with adequate memory.  If you plan to do a lot of recording you will need at least 100 GB of ROM.  Along with that, you will need at least 4 GB of RAM. If you can add an additional 4 GB it will be even better.  But, 4 GB will suffice.

Processor speed should be a minimum of 2.0 GHz.  The higher the better.

The best programs for home recording studios are usually setup for Windows or Mac.  There are some that are built for non-conventional platforms. But these are not as high of a quality as those for Windows and Mac.

Along with the computer, you will need a decent monitor to display the recording program and its many layouts and platforms. 


Audio interface
Audio Interface

The interface is the equipment that we plug into the computer that transmits what we record to the computer.  Depending on what equipment we choose, that can range from one input to multiple inputs. For a home studio, one or two inputs with a midi input should be adequate.  

The inputs are typically two microphones and a midi.  With two microphones you can record an instrument(i.e. guitar) and a vocal.  If you choose an interface with a midi input, you can record your midi along with the audio. With midi input, you can also program your accompaniment in advance.

You will also want to choose an interface that will accommodate condenser as well as dynamic microphones.  Condenser microphones are the choice for studio recordings. But dynamics will suffice if that is what you have.  To use a condenser microphone the interface must provide a 48-volt power supply. Condenser microphones provide a better recording and catch all the nuances of the singer.


Home Recording Studio setup mic
Condenser Microphone

We have just mentioned microphones above.  Almost all recording studios use condensers.  The dynamic microphone is better for live performances.  Condenser microphones are the overwhelming choice of the recording studio.

Home recording studio software

Home recording studio software prices range from “free” to “extremely expensive”.  Since we are just beginning, we shall look at the “free” to “the best for the money”.


Audacity is a “free” recording software and gives a general idea of how to record for beginners.  It is fine for a beginning experience. But, as you progress, you will want to graduate to a little more comprehensive program.  It will give you a good taste of what recording is like.

You can download a FREE version of Audacity HERE.


Sonar is a very good software for not only home studios but for professionals as well.  I have used it to make many home studio recordings. It has several platforms from which to choose.  The program has several interfaces that it works well with. However, it would be wise to make sure that the interface you choose will work with it.  Check out Sonar HERE.

Pro Tools

The industry standard for many years has been the Pro Tools software.  It is for sure one of the top-rated software programs for the recording industry.  Almost any decent interface will work with Pro Tools. Pro Tools is probably the most expensive of the recording software programs.  It is probably worth the price.

I have used this software for many years and had good results.  However, as it has grown more and more complex, it goes beyond the needs of a home studio.

Check out Pro Tools Here.

Studio One

Studio One from PreSonus has consistently grown in the recording studio market.  Unlike Pro Tools, it has not forgotten the “little man” in the recording industry.  The software produces professional-quality recordings from the entry-level to the professional level.  

PreSonus develops software which complements its foundational Studio One.  It has also developed the interfaces that augment the Studio One platform.

This is the program that I use now.  It is on a par with Pro Tools and in some areas easier to use.  It is built to integrate with its other programs of composition and printing of works.  It also has a platform to promote your recordings.

The developers are constantly updating and improving the product.

My Recommendation for Home Recording Studio Setup Package

The program that I recommend is Studio One.  The reason for that is that you are just beginning and are probably working with a budget.

We are assuming that you have a good computer and have a place set up.  Studio One has a nice setup and provides everything you will need to begin recording.  There are several packages that you can choose from, depending on what you wish to accomplish.

The simple package

There are two PreSonus packages that I recommend for the home recording studio setup.  Both are under $300. But each has what you will need to carry your music from concept to finished recording.

The first is Audiobox Itwo Bundle.  It comes with Studio One Artist software, AudioBox interface, M7 condenser microphone, headphones, and cables.  You also get a free account with Nimbit where you can publish your recordings for the internet. There is also a Free app from the Apple store to interface your software with an IPad.  All this for only $249.00. Click the image to get it now.


Presonus – Bundle Includes AudioBox iTwo, HD7 Headphones, M7 Mic, S1 Artist_
Buy Today @ The Sound Professionals, Inc.

Best package for beginning home studio

If you have an understanding of the piano keyboard then this bundle would be perfect.  It not only allows you to record but you can program your accompaniment, too.

This is the Music Creation Suite.   With this bundle, you get AudioBox interface, Studio One Artist software.  You also get Notation Music notation software. Along with these, you receive a PS49 Midi Keyboard.  Included are an M7 condenser microphone and HD3 Headphones. Rounding out the package is a Free Nimbit account to publish all your recordings. 

The cost of this bundle is only $299.00.  There is no better home recording studio bundle anywhere on the internet.  Get yours by clicking the image.


Presonus – Presonus Music Creation Suite – USB Hardware/Software Composing and Recording Kit.

Buy Today @ The Sound Professionals, Inc.


Conclusion to home recording studio setup

Whether you take your music to the professional level or not, having a home recording studio setup is a plus.  By recording and hearing yourself you can make the improvements which you could not before. As you improve you can publish your recordings through various services such as Nimbit or SoundCloud.

Check out the packages and programs that I have shared with you and begin your adventure.

May God bless you and prosper you.



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