Welcome to tomharveybaritone.com.  The “baritone” stands for the vocal range of Tom Harvey.  The implication is that Tom Harvey is a singer.  He is not just a “shower” singer, but a trained and knowledgeable singer.

Though most people think that tenors are to most popular of the singers, they would probably be wrong.  They seem to be most popular because there are so few that are that good.  So, when a really good tenor comes along people tend to get somewhat excited.

Then there is the other direction of the basso.  Bass singers tend to be muffled and what I call “hooty”.  They lack the “2800” frequency that allows them to cut through the other music around them.  Basses always provide a good foundation.

The baritone has the greatest potential of the all.  Most baritones have a wide range covering a good part of the bass and well into the tenor range.  The baritone tends to have a rich and smooth texture but has the ability to cut through when needed.

At tomharveybaritone.com we shall highlight the art and beauty that a good baritone brings to his art.  We shall share songs and recordings of Tom Harvey and other baritones.

From the description of the website it is evident that Tom Harvey is a singer. The range and texture of his voice is defined by the word “baritone”. Baritones do not have the same drawing power as a tenor might have. But a good tenor is hard to find. They do not have the deep rumbling sound of a “basso profundo”.

But baritones have a range of expression that very few singers can rival. They can range from a lyrical poetic rendition to a bombastic railing of a general. Few vocal ranges can compare with theirs.

Most men would consider themselves to be baritones. But most men have only a range of an octave and a half. A good baritone will have more than two octaves of expressive singing. The tenor only has greatness in his high notes. The bass is only impressive in his low notes. The baritone brings beauty and expression to the whole range of his singing.

Here at Tom-Harvey-Baritone.com we shall present many avenues of beautiful music from all the voices. But, we shall lean toward favoring the baritone the most.

We look forward to a wonderful and continuing adventure.

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