Basic Warmups

Warmup exercises for general warmup.

These vocalise can be used for general warm-up exercises for any level of proficiency.  For the beginner you can start with the first one or two and then add more as you grow in your ability.

For each exercise use the “Ah”  vowel and then the “Oh” vowel.  If it helps, you can precede each note with a “d” or a “L” until you are able to do it without.

Begin by learning the first warm-up exercise on the first day.  Then as you are able, add additional exercises.  Hopefully, in a couple of months these exercises will become second nature.

At this time the tempo is a moderate one, but we shall add a little increase in tempo as the site grows.  You should never strain in these warm-up exercises.  The idea is to maintain good posture and breathe through a “yawn”.  Then let the notes flow with your breath.

Let’s warm -up!

Basic Warm-up 1


Basic Warm ups



Basic Warm-up 2



Basic Warm-up 3


Basic Warm-up 4


Basic Warm-up 5

Basic Warmups


Basic Warm-up 6

Basic Warmups





Basic Warm-up 7

Warmup vocals

Low Voice 



Basic Warm-up 8


Low Voice



Basic Warm-up 9

Warmup 9

Low Voice



Basic Warm-up 10



Basic Warm-up 11



Basic Warm-up 12


After your warm-up, you can work on the song “All Through the Night”.  It is a nice flowing song and does not tax the vocal range.  Click on the title below and download a PDF copy of the manuscript.  Then you can play the MP3 accompaniment for your practice.

All Through the Night

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