Arpeggios and Leap Steps

Arpeggios are simple but difficult.  They will help to build flexibility and strength in the singing voice.  The following exercises will help us grow in the control of our voice.

The Simple Arpeggio is notated as follows.

Notation of arpeggio exercise
Simple Arpeggio

The first presentation of the exercise will be done at quarter note equals 70 bpm.  As you progress you can move up to faster times.  It may help in the beginning to precede each pitch with a consonant, a “t”, or a “d”, or an “L”.  Repeat the exercise until you used the vowels “Ah”, “Oh”, “OO”, “Uh”, “Eh”, and “Ee”.

Each exercise moves up 5 half-steps and then back down to the original.


      Simple Arp - Thomas Harvey

The following vocalise is the Leap Step.  It starts with an upward leap of a third followed by a downward step of a second.  It is actually two step upward leap followed by a one step down followed by a two step upward, etc. in the diatonic scale.

Do the exercise several times using the vowels as in the previous exercise.  If it helps to precede each step with a consonant, do so, until you can do it without the consonant. It follows the same form as the exercise above.  It progresses five half steps up and then back down by half steps.


Leap Step Vocalise
      Leap Step - Thomas Harvey
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