Best Recording Software for Beginners

If you are interested in the art song genre then you probably enjoy singing art songs. If you enjoy singing then the next step would be to record your singing so as many people as possible can enjoy your singing. If you are just starting to look into recording your singing, you may ask, “What is the best recording software for beginners?” That is the very question that we shall address in this blog.

Let’s start at the very beginning

Depending on your level of knowledge about recording you may wonder about your financial investment. How much will it cost you to begin making recordings? Of course that can vary, even greatly. It will depend on the quality of the equipment that you use and where the recording is being made. In this blog we shall only address the software and the interface you will use.

The software is the program that will be loaded into your computer. The interface is the piece of equipment that is used to connect other tools used in the recording process. Full-fledged recording studios can run into the thousands and tens of thousands of dollars. But what we shall propose and recommend to the beginning recording artist will run you somewhere around $300. I think you will be amazed at the production that you will be able to get.

The software

The software that I recommend is called Studio One Artist 2. Studio One  Artist 2 comes either on a disc or can be downloaded from the PreSonus website. It does come at a cost but it is very decently priced. The Artist version is a less complex and not as versatile as the Studio One 4 Professional versions. But it incorporates everything needed to create or download and edit midis which are then used as your accompaniment. By clicking on the browser you can choose “instruments” and find a vast list of instruments to choose from.

You have the ability when you have completed your recording to save it as a WAV file. You can at a time when you have several recordings, group them together and put them on a CD. You can then share them with others. What the Artist level does not have is an MP3 producer. You can get an app that can reduce the WAV to an MP3 if you really wanted to do that.

This is probably the most important member of best recording software for beginners.

The screen view

The layout of the screen is straight forward and easy to access all the parameters necessary. At the top is your menu. It is self-explanatory. The main screen is your track screen.  At the bottom are your controls.

In the lower right corner, you have a choice of edit, mix, or browse buttons. If you click “edit” it will bring up a screen on the lower half on which you can edit which ever track you choose from above. If you click “Mix” it will bring up a console view of the tracks that you have created. This allows you to see how each track’s volume relates to the other track’s. If you click the “browse” button you will open a screen on the right-hand side which will enable you to access your computers files, the instruments available through the software, and the effects which come with the software.

The software is extensive and presents almost endless possibilities of creative productions.

The interface

Best recording software and hardware
Back of Audio Box

Recording hardware

The interface is the AudioBox USB 96. It records with a 24 bit resolution(that means it is really good, a professional level) and 96 kHz. This interface will give life-like reproduction of your music. It has two mic inputs using XLR or 1/4 plugs so you can get true stereo recordings if you use two mics.

It has midi “in” and “out” plugs so you can record midi, too. It also incorporates main out stereo plugs to monitors and a headphone plug as well.

The AudioBox USB 96 is, as it says, connected via USB, so your computer powers it up. It also comes with phantom power so you can use condenser microphones for your recordings.

So far, you have only spent a little over $100.

What else

Best recording software for beginners microphone
Condenser Microphone

There are just a few more items that you will need before you can begin making those hit CDs. You will need a microphone, preferably a condenser microphone, microphone cable or cables, and a pair of headphones. This is assuming you already have a computer.

If you are recording the accompaniment as well as the singer you may need another microphone and cable. Or you will need to position the microphone to be able to pick up both singer and accompaniment. This assuming a piano is the accompaniment.

By purchasing the software and hardware in a package you can save quite a bit of money. I shall share with you where you can find such a package for around $300. All this come in this package. AudioBox USB 96. The Studio One Artist 2 Edition. M7 large condenser mic. Notation(Composing software). PS49 USB Midi Keyboard. HD3 Headphones. Nimbit Account(sell your recordings on the internet). And a powered USB hub.

Best recording software for beginners and best price
Best Recording Software for Beginners

Presonus – Presonus Music Creation Suite – USB Hardware/Software Composing and Recording Kit.
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Let the show begin

With this package you are set up to begin your recording career.Yes, you can make professional grade recordings with the equipment we have presented. You can compose with the notation software on your computer. With the keyboard you can record your midis or program the midi. When you play it back you will have a range of instruments to choose from. Make it a chamber presentation or a concert hall event.

You can now record and produce your own CDs. But as your ability grows you will probably want to upgrade in all areas. But until that time comes, and when it comes, you can still use this equipment as your portable studio. As long as you care and maintain this equipment it will last for many years.

We shall give you some links where you can get this special and begin your recording career right now. Check the BUTTON below to get the special deal.

Presonus – Presonus Music Creation Suite – USB Hardware/Software Composing and Recording Kit.
Buy Today @ The Sound Professionals, Inc.
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